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Batterham Medal

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Batterham Medal for Engineering Excellence.

The Medal is an early career award for a graduate engineer who has achieved substantial peer/industry recognition for their work in the past five years.

The Awardee will have:

  • demonstrated excellence, innovation and impact in a field of engineering
  • clearly demonstrated a signature contribution to engineering in the five years prior to their nomination
  • advanced the standing of the engineering profession

The Academy administers the award on behalf of the Group of Eight Deans of Engineering and Associates.

Nominations close at 12pm AEST on Friday 5 April.

Madhu Bhaskaran Batterham winner, 2018 smaller

In 2018, Associate Professor Madhu Bhaskaran was the first woman to be awarded the Batterham Medal.

2018 winner: Associate Professor Madhu Bhaskaran, RMIT University

Just eight years after completing her PhD, Associate Professor Madhu Bhaskaran is pioneering research in oxide-based flexible electronics – stretchy, unbreakable, transparent electronic devices. She developed a transfer process to make these devices functional, combining brittle oxide materials (like those making up a smartphone touchscreen) with soft, pliable silicone rubber. Potential applications abound in optics research, as well as use as gas sensors to pick up pollutants and as patches to track UV exposure.

2017 winner: Professor Nick Birbilis, Monash University

Professor Birbilis has had an impressive career to date. Then 39, he is a professor, the Head of Materials Science and Engineering and is the Woodside Innovation Chair at Monash University. He is an internationally recognised expert in corrosion, durability management and the behaviour of metallic elements.

2016 winner: Associate Professor Andrew Fleming, University of Newcastle

Andrew Fleming is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Newcastle, where he graduated with a PhD in 2004. He has made an outstanding contribution to the science and engineering of nanoscale imaging and fabrication systems. A recognised expert in the modelling, control and engineering of ultra-high-precision imaging and fabrication systems, Associate Professor Fleming has consulted on some of the world’s most ambitious scientific and industrial projects for NASA, The National Accelerator Laboratory, The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Boeing, Stanford University, Nikon Research, and the Defence Science and Technology Group in Australia.

2015 winner: Dr Lachlan Blackhall, Chief Technology Officer of Reposit Power

Dr Blackhall is founder and Chief Technology Officer of Reposit Power, a technology company designing advanced control systems for grid-deployed energy storage in the ACT. As CTO, he has pioneered the use of distributed control schemes to manage, control and optimise the performance of distributed energy storage systems. The control system he has developed not only optimises the storage and shifting of excess solar generation but, in a world first, allows the trading of distributed stored energy directly with energy utilities and the broader energy market.