A to Z of our current Fellows

Meet our Fellows

Full name Position Division Year elected to Fellowship
Professor David Abramson FTSE Director QLD 2010
Dr Colin Adam FTSE Director VIC 1990
Emeritus Professor John Agnew FTSE Emeritus Professor SA 1996
The Hon Michael Ahern AO FTSE QLD 1997
Mr Martin Albrecht AC FTSE QLD 2000
Dr Geoffrey Allan FTSE Deputy Director-General NSW 2015
Dr Michele Allan FTSE Chancellor VIC 2016
Mr Charles Allen AO FTSE VIC 1996
Dr Graham Allison FTSE SA 1989
Mr Scot Allison FTSE SA 1990
Professor Rose Amal AC FAA FTSE NSW 2012
Professor Brian Anderson AC FRS FAA FTSE Distinguished Professor ACT 1980
Professor Marilyn Anderson AO FAA FTSE Exec Director, Hexima Ltd VIC 2010
Mr John Andrew AO FTSE Chairman SA 2006
Professor Peter Andrews AO FTSE Former Chief Scientist QLD 1995
The Hon John Anthony CH AC FTSE NSW 1990
Dr John Archer FTSE NSW 2005
Emeritus Professor Peter Arnold FTSE Emeritus Professor NSW 1993
Emeritus Professor Yianni Attikiouzel AM FTSE WA 2001
Dr Mary Ann Augustin FTSE Research Program Leader (Food Science) VIC 2013
Dr Greg Ayers FTSE VIC 2006
Dr Sukhvinder Badwal FTSE Chief Research Scientist VIC 2001
Professor Alexander Baitch FTSE Principal NSW 2015
Dr Alan Baker FTSE Emeritus Research Leader VIC 1991
Dr John Ballard FTSE Managing Director SA 1997
Dr Roger Banks FTSE VIC 1983
Emeritus Professor Michael Barber AO FAA FTSE NSW 2009
Emeritus Professor James Barker FTSE Retired NSW 1983
Professor Edward Barlow FTSE Associate Dean (Strategic Relationships) VIC 2005
Dr Charles Barnes FTSE NSW 1984
Dr Susan Barrell FTSE Chief Scientist VIC 2013
Mr Anthony Barry FTSE Senior Consultant VIC 2009
Professor Simon Bartlett AM FTSE QLD 2006
Dr Ronald Barton FTSE Non-Executive Director NSW 1999
Professor Kaye Basford FTSE QLD 2006
The Hon Marie Bashir AD CVO FTSE NSW 2006
Professor Antony Basten AO FAA FTSE Senior Principle Research Fellow NSW 1981
Professor Robin Batterham AO FREng FAA FTSE VIC 1988
Dr John Baxter FTSE Senior Commercialision Adviser NSW 2007
Professor David Beanland AO FTSE VIC 1993
Professor Lyn Beazley AO FTSE WA 2009
Dr Vaughan Beck AM FTSE VIC 1999
Dr Julie Beeby FTSE Chairman QLD 2017
Mr Gordon Bell FTSE INT 2009
Dr John Bell FTSE ACT 1993
Emeritus Professor Leonard Bell FTSE QLD 1994
Mr Morrish Besley AC FTSE NSW 1985
Professor John Beynon FREng FTSE Executive Dean SA 2013
Professor Suresh Bhargava FTSE Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) VIC 2010
Professor Suresh Bhatia FTSE Professor QLD 2010
Dr Tom Biegler FTSE VIC 1992
Professor Simon Biggs FREng FTSE Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor WA 2016
Dr Raymond Binns FTSE NSW 1999
Dr Trevor Bird FTSE Principal, Distinguished Visiting Professor UTS NSW 1998
Mr Warwick Bisley FTSE VIC 1996
Professor Robert Bitmead FTSE INT 1999
Dr John Black AM FTSE NSW 1996
Dr Ian Blackburne FTSE NSW 1999
Dr Lachlan Blackhall FTSE Entrepreneurial Fellow and Head ACT 2017
Dr Graeme Blackman AO FTSE Chairman VIC 2004
Mr Donald Blackmore AM FTSE ACT 1998
Professor Andrew Blakers FTSE Foundation Director ACT 2004
Dr Norman Boardman AO FRS FAA FTSE ACT 1986
Dr David Boger FRS FAA FTSE Laureate Professor VIC 1989
Professor John Boldeman AO FTSE NSW 1993
Dr Brian Bolto FTSE Post Retirement Research Fellow VIC 1978
Dr Brian Booth AM FTSE NSW 1977
Professor Rod Boswell AM FAA FTSE Professor ACT 1999
Dr Bernard Bowen AM FTSE WA 1978
Professor Mark Bradford FTSE President NSW 2007
Professor Hugh Bradlow FTSE VIC 1991
Professor Tony Bradshaw FTSE NSW 1977
Emeritus Professor Barry Brady FTSE Principal QLD 2002
Dr Nan Bray FTSE TAS 2001
Emeritus Professor Robert Breakspere OAM FTSE Director QLD 1997
Mr Percy Brett OBE FTSE VIC 1975
Dr Desmond Bright FTSE NSW 1983
Emeritus Professor Mike Brisk FTSE Emeritus Professor QLD 1994
Dr David Brockway FTSE VIC 1998
Lord Alec Broers Kt FRS FREng FTSE President INT 2002
Professor Michael Brooks FTSE Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Research SA 2008
Emeritus Professor Rod Brooks FTSE Director CA 2006
Mr Alan Brown AM FTSE ACT 1993
Professor Edwin Brown AC FREng FTSE Senior Consultant QLD 1990
Professor Ian Brown FTSE NSW 2012
Dr Robert Brown AM FTSE VIC 1986
Dr Alex Buchanan FTSE VIC 1985
Emeritus Professor Ken Buckle FTSE Visiting Professor NSW 1992
Professor Margaret Bullock AM FTSE QLD 1991
Dr Jeremy Burdon FTSE Chief ACT 2009
Professor Antony Burgess FTSE Laboratory Head VIC 2008
Dr John Burgess FTSE Principal VIC 1993
Professor David Burke AO FAA FTSE Dean of Research & Development NSW 1995
Dr Bill Burrows FTSE QLD 1999
Professor Donald Bursill AM FTSE SA 2012
Professor Ashley Bush FTSE Head – Oxidation Biology Laboratory VIC 2009
Professor Mark Bush FTSE Winthrop Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Director, Animal Research Services WA 2009
Mr Phillip Butler FTSE Owner and Chairman VIC 2016
Dr Charles Butt FTSE CSIRO Fellow WA 2004
Professor Edward Byrne AC FTSE President INT 2012
Professor Ian Cameron FTSE QLD 2011
Dr Ian Cameron FTSE QLD 1990
Dr Ron Cameron FTSE Director NSW 2009
Dr Stuart Cannon FTSE Research Leader VIC 2016
Professor Tony Cantoni FTSE Director of WATRI WA 1992
Dr Peter Carberry FTSE Deputy Director General – Research INT 2012
Mr Barry Carbon AM FTSE WA 1994
Professor Robert Care AM FTSE Principal ACT 2006
Mr Tristram Carfrae FREng FTSE Arup Fellow INT 2002
Sir Roderick Carnegie AC Kt FTSE Chairman VIC 1985
Professor John Carter AM FAA FTSE Pro Vice-Chancellor NSW 2003
Mr Richard Carter AM FTSE VIC 1996
Dr John Cashen FTSE INT 1996
Professor Mark Cassidy FTSE Dean VIC 2008
Emeritus Professor Branko Celler FTSE NSW 2012
Mr Robert Champion De Crespigny AC FTSE INT 2001
Mr Alan Chappel FTSE Director NSW 2005
Professor Dong Chen FTSE Professor VIC 2007
Professor Yi-Bing Cheng FTSE VIC 2007
Dr Ian Chessell FTSE SA 2003
Dr John Christian AO FTSE NSW 1976
Mr Ronald Christie AM FTSE Chair, Independent Public Inquiry, Long Term Public Transport Plan for Sydney NSW 2010
Professor Ian Chubb AC FTSE ACT 2014
Dr John Church FAA FTSE Chief Research Scientist TAS 2004
Dr Doreen Clark AM FTSE NSW 1990
Professor Graeme Clark AC FRS FAA FTSE VIC 1998
Dr Gregory Clark AC FTSE Principal NSW 1991
Dr Julian Clark FTSE VIC 2001
Dr Megan Clark AC FTSE VIC 2006
Professor Adrienne Clarke AC FAA FTSE VIC 1988
Mr Drew Clarke AO PSM FTSE Chairman ACT 2011
Dr Paul Cleary FTSE Chief Research Scientist VIC 2015
Dr Robert Clements AO FTSE ACT 1995
Mr Richard Clifford AO FTSE Chairman VIC 2006
Mr William Clough AO OBE FTSE Chairman Emeritus WA 1992
Mr Peter Cockbain AM FTSE NSW 2008
Dr Janis Cocking PSM FTSE Chief Maritime Platform Division VIC 2012
Professor Phil Cocks FTSE Emeritus Professor WA 2005
Professor Shaun Coffey FTSE Chief Executive QLD 2004
Professor David Cohen FTSE Senior Principal Research Scientist, Accelerator Science Project NSW 2009
Dr Peter Coldrey FTSE Owner/Manager SA 1996
Dr Martin Cole FTSE Managing Director VIC 1992
Emeritus Professor Trevor Cole FTSE NSW 1991
Mr Peter Coleman FTSE Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer WA 2013
Professor Richard Collins FTSE Emeritus Professor NSW 1990
Dr Peter Colman AC FRS FAA FTSE Head, Structural Biology Division VIC 1997
Emeritus Professor Bill Compston FRS FAA FTSE ACT 1997
Dr Thomas Connor AO FTSE QLD 1996
Dr David Cook AO FTSE NSW 1990
Professor Peter Cook CBE FTSE Executive Director ACT 1998
Dr Dennis Cooper FTSE NSW 1990
Professor Peter Corke FTSE QLD 2017
Professor Edwina Cornish AO FTSE VIC 2000
Professor Douglas Coster AO FTSE SA 1993
Professor Hans Coster FTSE Faculty Professor NSW 2005
Professor Michael Cowley FTSE Director VIC 2011
Dr Wally Cox PSM FTSE Chairman WA 1994
Dr Jacqueline Craig FTSE SA 2016
Dr Wendy Craik FTSE ACT 1996
Dr John Craske FTSE Research Fellow NSW 1985
Dr Peter Crawford AM FTSE NSW 1987
Mr Julian Cribb FTSE Principal ACT 2003
Mr David Croft AM FTSE Member NSW 2006
Mr Brian Croser AO FTSE Winemaker SA 2001
Professor Stuart Crozier FTSE Professor & Director Biomedical Engineering QLD 2007
Professor Graham Currie FTSE Professor VIC 2017
Mr Barry Cusack FTSE WA 2001
Dr Andrew Cuthbertson AO FTSE R&D Director and Chief Scientific Officer VIC 2012
Dr Matthew Cuthbertson FTSE Pro Vice-Chancellor VIC 1998
Dr Terry Cutler FAHA FTSE Principal VIC 2008
Dr Nick Cutmore FTSE Theme Leader- Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship NSW 2003
Dr Ian Dagley FTSE Head VIC 2010
Professor James Dale AO FTSE Professor and Director QLD 2014
Dr Joanne Daly PSM FTSE ACT 2004
Emeritus Professor Graeme Dandy FTSE Professor SA 2007
Mr Keith Daniel FTSE NSW 1993
Professor Peter Darvall AO FTSE VIC 1994
Professor Mat Darveniza AO FTSE Emeritus Professor & Professorial Research Fellow QLD 1982
Professor Henrique D’Assumpcao AO FTSE SA 1981
Ms Dianne Davidson AM FTSE SA 2001
Dr James Davidson AM FTSE ACT 1999
Professor Graham Davies FREng FTSE Dean of Engineering INT 2013
Mr Ernest Dawes OBE FTSE Chairman VIC 1991
Dr Frank De Hoog FTSE Post Retirement Fellow ACT 2009
Professor David De Kretser AC FAA FTSE VIC 2001
Professor Rocky De Nys FTSE Professor QLD 2017
Emeritus Professor Graham De Vahl Davis AM FTSE Emeritus Professor NSW 1993
Professor Ana Deletic FTSE Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) NSW 2011
Dr Liz Dennis FAA FTSE Chief Research Scientist ACT 1987
Professor Claus Diessel FTSE NSW 1996
Professor Bogdan Dlugogorski FTSE Dean, School of Engineering and Information Technology WA 2006
Dr Paul Donaghue OAM FTSE VIC 1998
Dr Alan Donald AM FTSE NSW 1988
Dr John Donnelly FTSE Retired ACT 2002
Dr Dimity Dornan AO FTSE Executive Director and Founder QLD 2016
Professor Shi Dou FTSE Director NSW 1994
Professor Paul Dougas FTSE Professional Fellow VIC 2004
Professor Peter Dowd FREng FTSE Executive Director SA 2006
Dr Dermot Doyle FTSE Professor VIC 1996
Dr Eileen Doyle FTSE Non-Executive Director NSW 2016
Professor Richard Drew AM FTSE Professor QLD 2000
Professor Calum Drummond FTSE Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) and Vice President VIC 2006
Dr Rod Dry FTSE Manager Development WA 2003
Dr Rosalind Dubs FTSE Non Executive Director NSW 2014
Dr Ian Duncan FTSE WA 1994
Adj/Professor Michael Dureau AM FTSE NSW 2001
Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte FRS FAA FTSE Chief Scientific Advisor SW1A 2002
Professor Terence Dwyer AO FTSE INT 2006
Dr John Eady FTSE VIC 1990
Sir Rod Eddington AO FTSE VIC 2012
Mr Michael Edwards FTSE General Manager VIC 2014
Professor Adrian Egan FTSE WA 1990
Professor Benjamin Eggleton FAA FTSE Professor & Director CUDOS NSW 2009
Professor Abigail Elizur FTSE Professor, Aquaculture Biotechnology and Director, Genecology Research Centre QLD 2016
Mr Murray Ellen FTSE NSW 2011
Mr Jerry Ellis AO FTSE NSW 1989
Mr Dale Elphinstone FTSE Executive Chairman TAS 2003
Dr Mike Etheridge FTSE Managing Director NSW 1998
Dr Bronwyn Evans FTSE Chief Executive Officer NSW 2012
Mr John Evans AM FTSE VIC 1981
Dr Robert Evans FTSE Senior Principal Research Scientist VIC 2003
Professor Robin Evans FAA FTSE VIC 1991
Dr Robert Every AO FTSE NSW 1997
Dr Michael Eyles FTSE NSW 2001
Ms Kathryn Fagg FTSE Chair VIC 2013
Dr Jackie Fairley FTSE CEO and President VIC 2016
Dr Katrina Fairley-Grenot FTSE Director NSW 2012
Professor Lindsay Falvey FTSE Chair of the Board VIC 1997
Professor Liang-Shih Fan FTSE Distinguished University Professor and C. John Easton Professor of Engineering, INT 2013
Professor Anthony Fane FTSE NSW 1996
Professor Lorenzo Faraone AM FAA FTSE Head – Microelectronics Research Group WA 2004
Dr Ross Fardon FTSE Principal VIC 1995
Dr Peter Farrell AM FTSE Executive Chairman INT 1987
Mr John Faulkner FTSE NSW 2001
Professor Christopher Fell AM FTSE Principal NSW 1988
Professor David Feng FTSE Head NSW 2005
Professor Ian Ferguson FTSE VIC 1992
Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Fincher AO FAA FTSE Director. ARC Centre Of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls SA 2014
Dr Alan Finkel AO FAA FTSE Chief Scientist of Australia ACT 2006
Mr Thomas Finn AO FTSE QLD 1991
Dr Ralph Fischer AM FTSE Visiting Scientist ACT 1998
The Hon Tim Fischer AC FTSE Ambassador VIC 2000
Dr Gary Fitt FTSE Assistant Chief QLD 2001
Mr Edgar Fitzpatrick AM FTSE WA 1993
Professor Rob Fitzpatrick FTSE Chief Research Scientist SA 2008
Professor Neville Fletcher AM FAA FTSE Visiting Fellow ACT 1987
Dr John Floyd AM FTSE Retired VIC 1992
Mr Trevor Flugge AO FTSE WA 2002
Dr Catherine Foley PSM FTSE Chief Scientist NSW 2008
Professor Simon Foote FAA FTSE FAHMS Director ACT 2009
Dr Thomas Forgan OAM FTSE QLD 1999
Professor Hans Forsberg FTSE 1995
Professor Neil Foster FTSE Professor WA 2007
Professor Bronwyn Fox FTSE Director – Swinburne’s Manufacturing Futures Research Institute VIC 2017
Dr James Fox FTSE Managing Director VIC 1992
Professor Barry Fraser FTSE Director, Science and Mathematics Education Centre WA 2010
Professor Clive Fraser FTSE VIC 2000
Dr Paul Fraser FTSE Stream Leader – The Changing Atmosphere VIC 2005
Professor Michael Frater FTSE Rector ACT 2015
Dr Robert Frater AO FAA FTSE NSW 1982
Professor Ian Frazer AC FRS FAA FTSE Chief Executive Officer QLD 2003
Dr John Friend FTSE NSW 1993
Dr Steven Frisken FTSE CEO NSW 2017
Dr Malcolm Frost FTSE Chief Executive Officer QLD 2002
Adj/Professor Donald Fry AO FTSE Chairman VIC 2006
Professor Douglas Fuerstenau FTSE Professor Graduate School INT 2001
Professor Neil Furlong FTSE VIC 1997
Dr Ian Galbally FTSE VIC 2002
Professor James Galvin FTSE Managing Director NSW 2009
Professor Kevin Galvin FTSE Director NSW 2012
Emeritus Professor Helen Garnett PSM FTSE NT 1996
Dr Geoff Garrett AO FTSE ACT 2003
Dr Doug Gauntlett FTSE NSW 1993
Dr Wayne Gerlach FTSE NSW 2006
Ms Barbara Gibson FTSE VIC 1996
Professor Robert Gibson AO FTSE QLD 1993
Mr Allan Gillespie FTSE Managing Director QLD 1995
Professor Laurence Gillin AM FTSE Chairman QLD 1994
Dr Rowan Gilmore FTSE Managing Director QLD 2009
Professor Alistair Gilmour FTSE NSW 1977
Mr John Gilmour AM FTSE CEO NSW 1999
Professor Barney Glover FTSE Vice-Chancellor NSW 2016
Dr Bruce Godfrey FTSE Principal VIC 2012
Professor Ashley Goldsworthy AO OBE FTSE QLD 1994
Ms Denise Goldsworthy FTSE Managing Director WA 2013
Professor Ewa Goldys FTSE Deputy Director ARC COE NSW 2017
Dr Malcolm Golley FTSE SA 1995
Professor Michael Good FTSE Director, Institute for Glyconomics QLD 2010
Professor Graham Goodwin FRS FAA FTSE Professor of Electrical Engineering NSW 1987
Mr Les Gore FTSE NSW 1996
Dr Alexander Gosling AM FTSE Director VIC 2010
Dr Nicholas Gough FTSE VIC 1997
Dr Ian Gould AM FTSE SA 2007
Mr John Grace AO FTSE Director VIC 1998
Mr James Graham AM FTSE Chairman NSW 2003
General Peter Gration AC OBE FTSE ACT 1988
Professor Peter Gray AO FTSE NSW 1992
Dr Harry Greaves FTSE Wood Products Consultant VIC 1997
Dr Andy Green FTSE NSW 1997
Emeritus Professor Anne Green FTSE Professor of Astrophysics NSW 2014
Professor Martin Green AM FRS FAA FTSE Executive Research Director NSW 1994
Dr Roy Green AO FTSE WA 1986
Dr Paul Greenfield AO FTSE QLD 1992
Professor Stewart Greenhalgh FTSE Professor of Geophysics INT 2000
Dr Anthony Gregson AM FTSE VIC 2003
Mr Andrew Greig FTSE Founder and Senior Director QLD 2012
Professor Christopher Greig FTSE Professor Energy Strategy and Director UQ Energy Initiative QLD 2013
Mr Bruce Grey FTSE Company Director NSW 2004
Dr Ian Grey FTSE Chief Research Scientist VIC 2002
Mr John Grill AO FTSE Chairman NSW 2007
Professor Robin Grimes FREng FTSE Professor of Materials Physics UK 2016
Mr Oscar Groeneveld FTSE QLD 2006
Professor Min Gu FAA FTSE Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship VIC 2006
Dr Stephen Gumley AO FTSE Director TAS 2007
Mr John Gunn FTSE TAS 2014
Professor Yingjie Jay Guo FTSE Distinguished Professor, Director NSW 2013
Professor Ian Gust AO FTSE VIC 1986
Dr Vanessa Guthrie FTSE Chief Executive WA 2015
Professor Tony Guttmann FTSE Director VIC 2007
Professor Paul Haddad FAA FTSE Professor TAS 2000
Professor Gustaaf Hallegraeff FTSE Professor TAS 2005
Dr John Hamblin FTSE Director (Research) WA 1998
Air Vice Marshal Julie Hammer (Rtd) AM CSC FTSE QLD 2008
Emeritus Professor Greg Hancock AM FTSE NSW 2004
Dr Richard Hannink FTSE Chief Research Scientist VIC 1999
Professor Hong Hao FTSE John Curtin Distinguished Professor WA 2016
Professor Bronwyn Harch FTSE Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Vice-President (Research) QLD 2013
Mr Ronald Hardwick FTSE Group Technical Consultant NSW 2005
Dr Margaret Hartley FTSE Chief Executive Officer VIC 2011
Dr John Hart-Smith FTSE INT 1998
Dr Erol Harvey FTSE CEO VIC 2005
Dr Jim Harvey FTSE NSW 1996
Dr Thomas Hatton PSM FTSE Chairman WA 2016
Professor Anthony Haymet FTSE Professor NSW 2016
Professor Brian Haynes FTSE NSW 2002
Dr Douglas Haynes FTSE Director QLD 2011
Professor Thomas Healy AO FAA FTSE Foreign Fellow of US Academy of Engineering VIC 1991
Mr Michael Heard FTSE Director SA 2011
Professor Milton Hearn AM FTSE Director VIC 1990
Professor Gernot Heiser FTSE Scientia Professor NSW 2016
Dr Paul Heithersay PSM FTSE Deputy Chief Executive, Resources & Energy SA 2012
Mr Menno Henneveld AM FTSE WA 2008
Professor Robert Henry FTSE Professor of Innovation in Agriculture QLD 2013
Dr Edward Henzell AO FTSE QLD 1979
Dr Jay Hetzel FTSE Managing Director NSW 2001
Dr Warren Hewertson FTSE VIC 1991
Dr Brian Hickman FTSE NSW 1989
Dr Thomas Higgins AO FAA FTSE Honorary Fellow ACT 1997
Dr Anita Hill FTSE Executive Director, Future Industries VIC 2008
Professor David Hill FAA FTSE Professor of Electrical Engineering NSW 2011
Dr Roderick Hill FTSE VIC 1999
Professor Stephen Hill AM FTSE Honorary Professional Fellow NSW 1995
Professor Richard Hillis FTSE Chief Executive Officer SA 2011
Dr Carmel Hillyard FTSE Chairman QLD 1997
Professor Douglas Hilton AO FAA FTSE FAHMS Director VIC 2010
Mr David Hind FTSE NSW 2003
Ms Kathy Hirschfeld FTSE Chair QLD 2009
Dr Cherrell Hirst AO FTSE CEO and Deputy Chair QLD 2008
Professor Bruce Hobbs AO FAA FTSE WA 2006
Dr Robert Hobbs FTSE VIC 1996
Dr Robert Hodge FTSE Chief Executive VIC 2015
Professor Peter Hodgson FTSE 2011
Professor Mark Hoffman FTSE Dean of Engineering NSW 2014
Professor Peter Høj FTSE Vice-Chancellor and President QLD 2004
Dr George Holan FTSE VIC 1984
Professor Bruce Holloway AO FAA FTSE VIC 1990
Professor Andrew Holmes AC FRS FAA FTSE Laureate Professor & CSIRO Fellow VIC 2006
Professor Mike Hood FTSE QLD 2002
Dr Christopher Hudson FTSE NSW 1993
Mr David Hudson FTSE Consultant To Engineering and Construction Industry NSW 2004
Dr Peter Hudson FTSE Chief Scientific Officer VIC 2002
Professor Ron Hui FREng FTSE Chair Professor 2010
Dr Jon Huntington FTSE NSW 1997
HE David Hurley AC DSC FTSE Governor of New South Wales NSW 2016
Professor Jorg Imberger AM FAA FREng FTSE Professor(Adjunct) WA 1985
Professor Buddhima Indraratna FTSE Distinguished Professor NSW 2011
Dr Barry Inglis FTSE Chief Executive NSW 2004
Mr John Innes FTSE VIC 1989
Emeritus Professor John Irwin FTSE Emeritus Professor, The University of Queensland QLD 1998
Dr Silviu Itescu FTSE Chief Executive VIC 2013
Professor William Jackson AM FTSE Professor VIC 1990
Professor Chennupati Jagadish AC FAA FTSE Laureate Fellow & Distinguished Professor ACT 2002
Professor Graeme Jameson AO FREng FAA FTSE Director NSW 1991
Mr Gordon Jardine FTSE Chief Executive Officer QLD 2004
Professor Martyn Jeggo FTSE Director NSW 2012
Mr Colin Jensen FTSE Chief Executive Officer QLD 2014
Dr Andrew Johnson FTSE CEO and Director QLD 2014
Mr Peter Johnson FTSE Principal & ARUP Fellow VIC 2012
Professor Archie Johnston FTSE Dean of Engineering & Information Technologies NSW 2008
Emeritus Professor Graham Johnston AM FTSE NSW 1993
Professor Ron Johnston FTSE Executive Director NSW 1990
The Hon Barry Jones AC FAA FTSE FAHA VIC 1992
Dr Raymond Jones OAM FTSE QLD 1989
Dr Adam Jostsons FTSE NSW 1994
Mr Alan Joyce AC FTSE CEO NSW 2012
Mr Jonathan Jutsen FTSE Executive Director NSW 2000
Dr Patricia Kailis AM OBE FTSE WA 1996
Dr Marlene Kanga AM FTSE Director NSW 2014
Dr Agu Kantsler FTSE Director Exploration & New Ventures WA 2006
Dr Kourosh Kayvani FTSE Managing Director – Design, Innovation & Eminence NSW 2017
Mr Bruce Kean AM FTSE Director VIC 1995
Mr Richard Kell AM FTSE Senior Consultant NSW 1999
Mr Graeme Kelleher AO FTSE Director ACT 1988
Professor Jurg Keller FTSE Director QLD 2011
Professor Mark Kendall FTSE Vice- Chancellor’s Entrepreneurial Professor ACT 2017
Professor Michael Keniger FTSE QLD 2005
Dr John Keniry AM FTSE NSW 1991
The Hon John Kerin AO FTSE ACT 2001
Dr Glen Kile AM FTSE VIC 2000
Professor Robin King FTSE Engineering Education Consultant NSW 2011
Mr Wallace King AO FTSE Consultant NSW 1996
Professor Sritawat Kitipornchai FTSE Chair Professor & Head QLD 2009
Dr Anthony Kjar FTSE Managing Director VIC 1993
Mr David Klingberg AO FTSE SA 1999
Professor Svend Peter Klinken AC FTSE FAHMS Chief Scientist WA 2016
Professor Mark Knackstedt FTSE Professor of Applied Maths, RSPE, ANU/ CTO, Digital Core Laboratories ACT 2010
Mr Doug Kneebone FTSE SA 1991
Dr James Knight AM FTSE NSW 1986
Mr Peter Knight AM FTSE WA 1994
Dr Geoffrey Knights AM FTSE VIC 1993
Mr David Knox FTSE Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer SA 2012
Dr George Kossoff AO FTSE NSW 1983
Professor Rao Kotagiri FAA FTSE Professor VIC 1999
Professor Linda Kristjanson FTSE Vice-Chancellor and President VIC 2017
Dr Robert La Nauze FTSE VIC 1996
Mr Philip Laffer AM FTSE Winemaker – Viticulturist NSW 2004
Mr John Landy AC MBE FTSE VIC 2003
Professor Kenneth Langford AM FTSE Professorial Fellow VIC 1998
Professor Peter Langridge FTSE Emeritus Professor SA 2016
Professor Ross Large FTSE Director TAS 1999
Professor Frank Larkins AM FAA FTSE Chief Scientist Of Victoria – Energy VIC 1989
Professor Richard Larkins AO FTSE Chancellor VIC 2008
Mr John Laurie AC FTSE VIC 1994
Dr Anna Lavelle FTSE Chairman VIC 2014
Mr Peter Laver AM FTSE VIC 1992
Professor Robert Lawn FTSE Foundation Professor QLD 2011
Dr Frank Lawson FTSE Honorary Professorial Fellow VIC 1995
Dr Maxwell Lay AM FTSE VIC 1985
Professor Alec Lazenby AO FTSE ACT 1976
Professor Ki-Jun Lee FTSE Honorary President INT 2000
Professor Peter Lee FTSE VIC 2009
Dr Terence Lee OAM FTSE SA 1992
Dato Yee Cheong Lee AO FTSE INT 2000
Professor Rob Lewis FTSE Director SA 1998
Ms Elizabeth Lewis-Gray FTSE Chairman & Managing Director VIC 2017
Professor Jinghai Li FREng FTSE Vice President/Director INT 2012
Mr Graeme Liebelt FTSE VIC 2007
Dr Peter Lilly FTSE Board Director and Advisor WA 2007
Professor David Lindsay AO FTSE Emeritus Professor of Agriculture WA 1984
Dr Tony Lindsay FTSE Director STELaRLab VIC 2017
Professor Dennis Liotta FTSE Director GA 2014
Dr Jim Litster FTSE Professor, Chemical Engineering/ Professor, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy South Yorkshire 2010
Mr Donald Little AO FTSE VIC 1987
Professor Hua Kun Liu FTSE Professor, Institute for Superconducting Materials NSW 2013
Dr Key Liu FTSE Dean of Clean Energy Institute China 2015
Dr Xiaoling Liu FTSE Non Executive Director VIC 2017
Dr Andrew Liveris AO FTSE Retired Chairman & Chief Executive Officer NSW 2008
Dr Catherine Livingstone AO FAA FTSE Chancellor NSW 2002
Dr Danny Llewellyn FTSE Senior Principal Research Scientist ACT 2001
Mr Graeme Longbottom FTSE SA 1989
Mr Brian Loton AC FTSE VIC 1980
Dr Roger Lough AM FTSE VIC 2005
Professor John Loughhead CB OBE FREng FTSE Chief Scientific Adviser INT 2011
Professor Nigel Lovell FTSE Scientia Professor NSW 2011
Professor John Lovering AO FAA FTSE Professorial Fellow VIC 1993
Professor Ian Lowe AO FTSE Emeritus Professor of Science Technology & Society QLD 2005
Professor Arthur Lowery FTSE ARC Laureate Fellow VIC 2007
Dr John Lowke FTSE Honorary Fellow NSW 1989
Emeritus Professor Max Lu AO FAA FTSE President and Vice Chancellor Surrey 2002
Dr Roger Lumley FTSE Technical Manager VIC 2015
Professor Barry Luther-Davies FTSE Federation Fellow & Professor NSW 2005
Emeritus Professor Alban Lynch AO FTSE QLD 1979
Professor Douglas MacFarlane FAA FTSE Professor of Chemistry VIC 2009
Professor John Mackenzie AO FTSE Research Associate WA 2015
Dr Ian Macleod FTSE Executive Director WA 2000
Mr Malcolm Macpherson FTSE VIC 1999
Professor Yiu-Wing Mai AM FRS FREng FTSE University Chair & Professor of Mechanical Engineering NSW 1992
Dr Robert Mair AM FTSE VIC 1995
Dr Chris Mallett FTSE MN 1998
Mr George Maltabarow FTSE NSW 2011
Professor Michael Manton FTSE VIC 2001
Professor Iven Mareels FTSE Lab Director VIC 2000
Mr Robin Marrett FTSE SA 1993
Professor Helene Marsh FAA FTSE Dean of Graduate Research Studies QLD 2010
Professor Donald Marshall FTSE NSW 1995
Dr Larry Marshall FTSE Chief Executive ACT 2016
Professor Thomas Maschmeyer FAA FTSE NSW 2011
Dr Ramesh Mashelkar FRS FTSE President INT 2008
Professor Iain Mason FTSE Professor of Geophysics INT 2007
Professor Colin Masters AO FAA FTSE Senior Deputy Director VIC 2007
Mr Kenneth Matthews AO FTSE ACT 2011
Professor John Mattick AO FAA FAHMS FTSE CEO 2017
Dr Albert Mau FTSE VIC 1997
Dr Jim May FTSE VIC 1994
Lord Robert May OM AC Kt FRS FTSE INT 2001
Dr Oliver Mayo FAA FTSE Professor SA 1994
The Hon Karlene Maywald FTSE Director SA 2012
Professor Peter McAree FTSE Professor of Mechanical Engineering QLD 2013
Dr Neville McCarthy AO FTSE VIC 1988
Dr Bob McCluskey FTSE NSW 1992
Emeritus Professor Jen McComb AM FTSE Emeritus Professor WA 1999
Dr Paul McCormick FTSE WA 1997
Mr Gavin McDonald OBE FTSE QLD 1988
Mr John McGagh FTSE Global Head of Innovation QLD 2013
Dr Errol McGarry AM FTSE VIC 2001
Mr James McIlvenny FTSE Group Senior Vice President, Mega Projects Hong Kong 2010
Mr Alex McLachlan AM FTSE NSW 1990
Professor Michael McLaughlin AM FAA CPSS FTSE Chief Research Scientist SA 2009
Emeritus Professor Alexander McLean FTSE Director SA 2004
Professor James McLeod AO FAA FTSE NSW 1987
Emeritus Professor Thomas McMahon FTSE VIC 1986
Dr Graham McMaster FTSE Managing Director NSW 1995
Professor Tom McMeekin AO FTSE Co-Director TAS 1994
Professor Jocelyn McPhie FTSE Head of Earth Sciences Discipline TAS 2014
Dr James McWilliam AO FTSE QLD 1985
Dr Sue Meek AO FTSE Chief Executive ACT 2005
Emeritus Professor Bill Melbourne FTSE VIC 1991
Professor Robert Melchers FTSE Professor of Civil Engineering NSW 2003
Professor Bob Menary OAM FTSE Visiting Research Professor TAS 1995
Dr Ken Michael AC FTSE Managing Director WA 1993
Mr Andrew Michelmore AO FTSE Chief Executive Officer VIC 2003
Professor Anton Middelberg FTSE Executive Dean SA 2006
Professor Michael Miller AO FTSE Fellow SA 1993
Professor Cynthia Mitchell FTSE Professor of Sustainability NSW 2012
Dr Graham Mitchell AO FAA FTSE Principal VIC 1987
Mr David Money FTSE NSW 1992
Professor Tanya Monro FAA FTSE Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation SA 2009
Dr Matthew Morell FTSE Theme Leader, CSIRO Food Futures Flagship INT 2010
Mr Hugh Morgan AC FTSE Principal VIC 1991
Mr Stuart Morgan AM FTSE WA 1986
Mr Gerald Moriarty AM FTSE VIC 2000
Dr William Morrison AM FTSE QLD 1995
Dr George Morstyn FTSE Director VIC 2013
Dr Craig Mudge AO FTSE Managing Partner SA 1985
Dr Maurice Mulcahy FTSE NSW 1980
Ms Chloe Munro AO FTSE Chair VIC 2012
Mr Barry Murphy FTSE NSW 2014
Mrs Susan Murphy FTSE Chief Executive Officer WA 2009
Dr Mike Murray FTSE VIC 1991
Sir Rupert Myers KBE AO FAA FTSE NSW 1979
Professor Ravendra Naidu FTSE Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director NSW 2017
Professor Malcolm Nairn AM FTSE WA 1989
Sir Eric Neal AC CVO FTSE SA 1989
Professor Eduardo Nebot FTSE Professor NSW 2016
Dr Laszlo Nemes FTSE Retired From CSIRO VIC 1997
Dr John Ness FTSE Chief Technical Officer QLD 2013
Professor Paul Nestel AO FTSE Head Cardiovascular Nutrition Lab VIC 1991
Professor David Nethercot OBE FTSE Head, Dept of Civil & Environmental Eng/ Deputy Faculty Principal (Teaching) INT 2010
Professor Peter Newman AO FTSE Professor of Sustainability WA 2009
Dr Chris Nicol FTSE Chief Technology Officer, Embedded Systems INT 2007
Professor Ian Noble FTSE Advisor 1999
Dr David Noon FTSE Chief Commercial Officer and Vice President – Marketing QLD 2010
Mr Peter North AM FTSE Life Honorary Governor NSW 2003
Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE FRS FAA FTSE Professor Emeritus VIC 1981
Dr John Nutt AM FTSE NSW 1997
Dr John Oakeshott FTSE Chief Research Scientist ACT 2006
Professor Brian O’Brien FTSE Managing Director WA 1993
Dr John O’Callaghan FTSE ACT 1995
Professor John O’Connor FTSE Head NSW 2009
Professor Mary O’Kane AC FTSE NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer NSW 1994
Mr Roger Olds FTSE VIC 2010
Professor June Olley AM FTSE Honorary Research Professor TAS 1976
Dr Ian Oppermann FTSE CEO and Chief Data Scientist NSW 2013
Professor Alison Ord FTSE Winthrop Research Professor WA 2010
Mr Wayne Osborn FTSE WA 2008
Dr John O’Sullivan FAA FTSE Astronomy and Space Science Fellow NSW 2012
Professor Robyn Owens FTSE Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) WA 2012
Dr Gary Pace FTSE INT 1990
Emeritus Professor Adrian Page FTSE NSW 2005
Mr Lawrence Paratz FTSE Non-Executive Director & Chairman, Technology VIC 2011
Sir Arvi Parbo AC Kt FTSE VIC 1977
Dr Cecile Paris FTSE Senior Principal Research & Research Group Leader NSW 2016
Professor Christopher Parish FTSE FAHMS Director, John Curtin School of Medical Research ACT 2011
Professor Robert Park FTSE Professor NSW 2015
Dr John Parker FTSE NSW 2006
Emeritus Professor Lesley Parker AM FTSE WA 2005
Dr Adi Paterson FTSE Chief Executive Officer NSW 2009
Assoc/Professor Jim Patrick AO FTSE Chief Scientist – Senior Vice President NSW 2003
Professor Allan Paull FTSE Research Leader, Applied Hypersonics QLD 2011
Dr Jim Peacock AC FRS FAA FTSE CSIRO Research Fellow ACT 1988
Dr Tony Peacock FTSE CEO ACT 2017
Professor Graeme Pearman AM FAA FTSE Director VIC 2005
Mr Gary Pemberton AC FTSE QLD 1993
Dr Colin Perrott FTSE INT 1991
Dr Brett Phillips FTSE Director NSW 2017
Professor Christopher Pigram FTSE President ACT 2016
Mr John Pilling FTSE Inaugural Chair VIC 2015
Dr Laurie Piper FTSE Honorary Research Fellow NSW 2003
Dr John Pitt FTSE Chief Research Scientist NSW 1998
Mr George Pizzey FTSE VIC 2007
Dr Roger Player FTSE WA 1992
Professor Ian Plimer FTSE SA 1999
Dr Ian Poiner FTSE Chair, Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Advisory Board QLD 2008
Professor Ian Polmear AO FTSE Emeritus Professor VIC 1978
Dr Susan Pond AM FTSE Adjunct Professor Engineering & Information Technologies NSW 1996
Mr Mick Poole AM FTSE WA 1999
Dr Simon Poole AO FTSE Director NSW 2015
Professor Laura Poole-Warren FTSE Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Training) NSW 2017
Dr John Possingham AM FTSE Chief Executive Officer SA 1979
Professor Ian Potter FTSE Professor of Animal Biology WA 1988
Emeritus Professor Owen Potter AM FTSE VIC 1983
Professor Andrew Potts FTSE Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director VIC 2017
Professor Harry Poulos AM FAA FTSE Senior Principal NSW 1996
Dr Trevor Powell FTSE Consultant ACT 2004
Professor Stephen Powles FAA FTSE Professor WA 1999
Professor Deo Prasad AO FTSE Chief Executive Officer NSW 2014
Professor Kerry Pratt FTSE VIC 1995
Mr John Prescott AC FTSE Chairman VIC 1995
Mr Doug Price AM FTSE NSW 1979
Dr Donald Pridmore FTSE Director WA 1997
Dr Alessandra Pucci AO EF FTSE NSW 1990
Mr Ray Purdy FTSE WA 2004
Mr Michael Quigley FTSE Adjunct Professor NSW 2017
Professor Peter Quinn FTSE Professor of Astronomy & Astrophysics WA 2013
Professor Ron Quinn AM FTSE Professor & Director QLD 2003
Dr John Radcliffe AM FTSE Honorary Research Fellow SA 1994
Dr Anthony Radford AO FTSE Director VIC 2017
Professor Ian Rae FTSE Professor VIC 1995
Mr John Ralph AC FAA FTSE VIC 1996
Professor John Ralston AO FAA FTSE Emeritus Laureate Professor SA 1993
Dr Rama Ramakrishnan FTSE Retired Chief Research Scientist VIC 1995
Dr Tracie Ramsdale FTSE Director QLD 2011
Dr John Ramshaw FTSE Chief Research Scientist VIC 2003
Dr David Rand AM FTSE Honorary Reseach Fellow VIC 1998
Dr Peter Randall FTSE ACT 2003
Professor Mark Randolph FRS FREng FAA FTSE Professor of Civil Engineering WA 1993
Mr Lee Ranford FTSE WA 2000
Professor Judy Raper FTSE Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) NSW 2003
Mr Douglas Rathbone FTSE VIC 2006
Dr Deborah Rathjen FTSE Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director SA 2007
Mr Michael Rayner AM FTSE Partner QLD 2009
Dr Leanna Read FTSE Chief Scientist for South Australia SA 1999
Professor Timothy Reeves FTSE Chair VIC 2001
Dr Russell Reichelt FTSE Chairman & Chief Executive QLD 2002
Professor Ian Reid FTSE Professor of Computer Science SA 2016
Professor Jim Reid FTSE Dean Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology TAS 2000
Mr Christopher Renwick AM FTSE VIC 2004
Professor Eric Reynolds AO FTSE Head VIC 2008
Professor Karen Reynolds FTSE Professor of Biomedical Engineering SA 2011
Professor John Richards AM FTSE Master ACT 1996
Dr Richard Richards FAA FTSE Program Leader & Chief Research Scientist ACT 2004
Dr Sydney Richards AM FTSE VIC 1996
Professor Mike Rickard FTSE VIC 1992
Dr James Ridsdill-Smith FTSE Adjunct Professor WA 2002
Professor Graham Rigby FTSE Technical Director NSW 1979
Dr Barry Ritchie FTSE QLD 1989
Dr Ezio Rizzardo AC FRS FAA FTSE CSIRO Fellow VIC 1994
Emeritus Professor Alan Roberts AM FTSE Director NSW 1989
Dr Chris Roberts AO FTSE NSW 2001
Dr Graeme Robertson FTSE Director & Professor WA 1999
Dr Philip Robertson FTSE Chief Operating Officer ACT 2008
Emeritus Professor Peter Robinson AM FTSE CEO NSW 1980
Professor Alan Robson AO FTSE WA 1987
Professor Eckhard Rohkamm AO FTSE 1996
Professor Jose Romagnoli FTSE NSW 1999
Professor Bev Ronalds FTSE WA 2000
Professor Jarlath Ronayne AM FTSE Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Visiting Fellow VIC 1995
Professor Nils Goran Arne Roos FTSE Chair SA 2014
Emeritus Professor Calvin Rose AM FTSE Emeritus Professor QLD 1993
Dr Louis Rose FTSE VIC 2002
Dr Mary Rose FTSE QLD 1993
Professor John Rosenberg FTSE Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International and Future Students) VIC 2003
Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld AC OBE FTSE Professor, Director of Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) VIC 2016
Professor George Rothschild FTSE INT 1991
Dr Albert Rovira AO FTSE SA 1986
Professor Tibor Rozgonyi FTSE Professor & Head INT 1995
Professor Rupert Rutland AO FTSE Visiting Fellow ACT 1982
Mr Michael Ryan AM FTSE NSW 1987
Dr Sarah Ryan FTSE Non- Executive Director QLD 2017
Professor Veena Sahajwalla FAA FTSE Director of the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) NSW 2007
Professor Alek Samarin FTSE Professor,Centre for Built Infrastructure Research NSW 1988
Mr Barry Sanders OAM FTSE WA 2000
Dr Ronald Sandland AM FTSE Deputy Chief Executive Officer NSW 1995
Professor Vicki Sara AO FAA FTSE QLD 1998
Dr Ian Sare FTSE VIC 1997
Dr Michael Sargent AM FTSE Director ACT 1992
Mr Steve Sargent FTSE NSW 2013
Mr Charlie Sartain FTSE Managing Director QLD 2012
Dr John Saunders FTSE Chairman NSW 1993
Professor Mark Sceats FTSE Chief Scientist NSW 1998
Professor Graham Schaffer FTSE Professor of Materials and Design VIC 2008
Dr Mark Schapper FTSE VIC 1990
Professor Klaus Schindhelm FTSE Senior Vice President NSW 2012
Dr William Schofield AM FTSE Director VIC 1994
Dr John Schubert FTSE NSW 1990
Professor Len Sciacca FTSE Enterprise Professor VIC 2004
Professor Murray Scott FTSE Chairman VIC 2008
Dr Nigel Scott FTSE Deputy Chief SA 2001
Dr Trevor Scott FTSE NSW 1982
Dr Ray Shaw FTSE VIC 1996
Mr Douglas Shears FTSE Chairman VIC 2015
Professor Margaret Sheil AO FTSE Vice Chancellor QLD 2009
Dr Richard Sheldrake AM FTSE NSW 2010
Mrs Else Shepherd AM FTSE Chairman QLD 2000
Dr Zhengrong Shi FTSE CEO & Chairman INT 2009
Professor Robert Short FTSE Pro Vice Chancellor, Information Engineering, Technology & the Environment INT 2013
Professor Kadambot Siddique AM FTSE Chair in Agriculture and Director WA 2005
Professor Anne Simmons AM FTSE Professor NSW 2015
Professor Craig Simmons FTSE Director SA 2014
Professor John Simmons AM FTSE Professor of Mechanical Engineering QLD 1993
Professor Michelle Simmons FAA FTSE Professor NSW 2015
Professor Richard Simpson FTSE Head VIC 1995
Mr David Singleton AM FTSE Global Planning Leader, Chair AGIC VIC 2003
Dr Hari Sinha AM FTSE VIC 1986
Professor Siva Sivapalan FTSE Professor IL 2001
Professor Efstratios Skafidas FTSE Director VIC 2012
Professor David Skellern AO FTSE CEO NSW 2004
Professor John Skerritt FTSE Deputy Secretary ACT 2005
Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos AM FTSE Emeritus Professor, Chemical Engineering & Industrial Chemistry NSW 2013
Dr Merilyn Sleigh FTSE Principal NSW 1996
Dr John Sligar FTSE Director NSW 1994
Professor Scott Sloan AO FRS FREng FTSE Professor NSW 2000
Dr Brian Smith FTSE Global Manager, Research & Development VIC 2010
Dr Ian Smith FTSE INT 1994
Mr Ian Smith FTSE NSW 1990
Emeritus Professor Maree Smith FTSE Executive Director QLD 2011
Dr Neville Smith FTSE VIC 2005
Dr Ray Smith FTSE WA 1997
Mr Robert Smith FTSE Principal Consultant VIC 1994
Dr Erica Smyth AC FTSE Deputy Chairman WA 2012
Professor Allan Snyder FRS FAA FTSE Director NSW 1987
Dr John Söderbaum FTSE Director, Science and Technology ACT 2010
Professor David Solomon AC FRS FAA FTSE VIC 1976
Dr Brian Sowerby FTSE Retired, Formerly Chief Research Scientist and Program Manager, CSIRO Minerals NSW 1986
Professor German Spangenberg PSM FTSE Deputy Secretary VIC 2007
Dr Brian Spies FTSE NSW 1998
Mr Ronald Spithill OAM FTSE NSW 2007
Mr Graham Spurling AM FTSE SA 1987
Professor Thomas Spurling AM FTSE Professor VIC 1992
Professor Tam Sridhar AO FAA FTSE Academic Vice President (China and India Research Institutes) VIC 1995
Professor Robin Stanton FTSE Pro Vice-Chancellor ACT 1998
Mr Ted Stapinski FTSE ACT 1995
Dr Jennifer Stauber FTSE Chief Research Scientist NSW 2015
Dr Raymond Steedman FTSE Principle Consultant WA 1985
Dr Lorraine Stephenson FTSE Founder & Principal Consultant QLD 2014
Professor Grant Steven FTSE Director NSW 1999
Professor Geoff Stevens FTSE Professor VIC 2003
Emeritus Professor Leonard Stevens AM FTSE VIC 1984
Mr David Stewart FTSE Director – General QLD 2015
Mr David Stewart FTSE Chief Executive Officer NSW 2010
Dr John Stocker AO FTSE Company Director VIC 1990
Professor Salah Sukkarieh FTSE Professor NSW 2015
Professor Colin Sullivan FTSE Professor NSW 2000
Dr Peter Sweatman FTSE Director CA 1997
Professor Roger Swift FTSE Executive Dean QLD 1999
Dr Ziggy Switkowski AO FTSE Chancellor VIC 2007
Professor Wenhua Tang FTSE EM Professor INT 2006
Ms Catherine Tanna FTSE Managing Director VIC 2013
Mr David Tanner FTSE Engineering Manager – Process & Mechanical NSW 2005
Professor Roger Tanner FRS FAA FTSE NSW 1976
Professor Elizabeth Taylor AO FTSE Consultant NSW 2015
Mr Michael Taylor AO FTSE Crawford Fund Board Member VIC 2007
Professor William Tegart AM FTSE Adjunct Professor ACT 1976
Dr Kelly Thambimuthu FTSE Emeritus Scientist QLD 2007
Professor San Thang AC FAA FTSE Professor VIC 2010
Mr David Thodey AO FTSE Board Chair NSW 2013
Professor Bruce Thom AM FTSE NSW 2002
Professor Doreen Thomas FTSE Associate Dean / Head VIC 2012
Mr Martin Thomas AM FTSE Chairman NSW 1991
Professor Barry Thornton AM FTSE NSW 1994
Professor Anh Tieu FTSE Head NSW 2007
Professor Michael Tobar FAA FTSE ARC Australian Professorial Fellow WA 2008
Dr Mark Toner FTSE Management Consultant VIC 2004
Mr John Toomey FTSE QLD 1996
Dr David Topping FTSE Leader Carbohydrate Research SA 2002
Professor Jose Luis Torero Cullen FTSE Head of School MD 2014
Professor Ronald Trent FTSE Director NSW 2011
Professor Alan Trounson FTSE President VIC 2014
Professor Thorsten Trupke FTSE Professor NSW 2016
Professor Rodney Tucker FAA FTSE VIC 1993
Emeritus Professor Norman Tulloh AM FTSE Emeritus Professor VIC 1981
Mr Greg Tunny FTSE Principal Consultant SA 2008
Professor Neil Turner FTSE Winthrop Research Professor WA 1992
Dr Terry Turney FTSE Visiting Professor VIC 2002
Dr Ian Tyler FTSE Assistant Director Geoscience Mapping WA 2016
Dr Peter Tyree FTSE Director NSW 2005
Mr Hamish Tyrwhitt FTSE Chief Executive Officer 2012
Dr Edwin van Leeuwen FTSE Managing Director VIC 2000
Dr Eric Vance FTSE Chief Research Scientist NSW 2003
Professor Svetha Venkatesh FTSE Chair in Complex Pattern Analysis VIC 2006
Dr Meera Verma FTSE Director – Site Operations SA 2009
Professor Robert Vertessy FTSE Director & CEO VIC 2013
Mr Roger Vines FTSE WA 1997
Mr Christopher Vonwiller FTSE Chairman NSW 2007
Professor Keeva Vozoff FTSE NSW 1982
Professor Branka Vucetic FTSE Professor NSW 2015
Dr Denis Wade AM FTSE Non-Executive Director NSW 2002
Professor Mark Wahlqvist AO FTSE 2002
Emeritus Professor Mark Wainwright AM FTSE NSW 1992
Dr Brian Walker FAA FTSE ACT 1991
Dr Bruce Walker AM FTSE Chief Executive Officer NT 2008
Professor Terry Wall AM FTSE Professor of Fuel & Combustion Engineering NSW 2002
Professor Gordon Wallace AO FAA FTSE Director NSW 2003
Dr Leonie Walsh FTSE VIC 2012
Dr Sam Walsh AO FTSE WA 2012
Dr Linfa Wang FTSE Director EID Program INT 2010
Emeritus Professor Robert Warner FTSE Emeritus Professor SA 1998
Mr Warwick Watkins FTSE NSW 2010
Dr Keith Watson FTSE Laboratory Head VIC 2007
Mr Peter Watson FTSE VIC 2005
Mr John Watt AM FTSE NSW 1977
Professor Donald Watts AM FTSE Professor of Science & Education WA 1986
Dr Robert Watts FAA FTSE NSW 2003
Mr Clive Weeks AO FTSE Executive Consultant VIC 2008
Mr Phil Weickhardt FTSE VIC 1994
Professor Erich Weigold AM FAA FTSE Professor ACT 1996
Professor Anthony Weiss AM FTSE Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology NSW 2014
Professor Neil Weste FTSE Director NSW 2006
Professor David White FTSE Professor 2015
Professor Ian White FTSE Assoc Director Research ACT 1999
Dr William Whitton FTSE VIC 1976
Professor Judith Whitworth AC FTSE Director NSW 2008
Professor Allan Wightley FTSE NSW 2005
Professor Glenn Wightwick FTSE Deputy Vice Chancellor & Vice President (Innovation & Enterprise) NSW 2012
Mr Bill Wild FTSE QLD 2008
Professor Andrew Wilks FTSE Chairman VIC 2007
Dr Neil Willetts FTSE Director NSW 1991
Mr Courtney Williams AM FTSE WA 1984
Professor Ian Williams FTSE Professor Emeritus ACT 2007
Professor Jim Williams AM FAA FTSE Director & Professor ACT 1992
Dr John Williams FTSE Adjunct Professor ACT 2011
Dr Keith Williams AM FTSE Director NSW 2004
Professor Mary-Anne Williams FTSE Director, Disruptive Innovation NSW 2015
Dr Meryl Williams FTSE QLD 1993
Professor Neil Williams PSM FTSE Honorary Professorial Fellow ACT 1996
Professor Richard Williams OBE FREng FTSE Principal and Vice-Chancellor INT 2008
Professor Ian Williamson AM FTSE Professor of Surveying and Land Information VIC 1998
Ms Skipp Williamson FTSE Managing Director NSW 2017
Emeritus Professor Ron Wills FTSE Emeritus Professor NSW 1994
Professor Brian Wilson AO FTSE Retired Vice Chancellor 1990
HRH Philip Windsor OM AC GBE PC FTSE Duke of Edinburgh INT 1977
Sir Greg Winter Kt CBE FRS FTSE Joint Head INT 2002
Dr Eric Wolanski FTSE Leading Scientist QLD 1999
Professor Tony Wong FTSE Chief Executive Officer VIC 2014
Dr Alex Wonhas FTSE Managing Director – Energy and Resources NSW 2016
Professor Eric Wood FTSE Professor, Dept of Civil And Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Program INT 2010
Professor Paul Wood AO FTSE Director VIC 2015
Dr Roy Woodall AO FAA FTSE Consulting Geologist SA 1977
Dr Graeme Woodrow FTSE Director – Health Technologies Strategy NSW 2007
Dr Elizabeth Woods OAM FTSE Deputy Director-General, Agriculture QLD 2014
Dr Katherine Woodthorpe AO FTSE Chairman NSW 2015
Mr Harry Wragge AM FTSE VIC 1987
Dr John Wright AM FTSE Principal NSW 2002
Professor Xinhua Wu FTSE Director of ARC Centre of Excellence for Design in Light Metals VIC 2014
Dr Bill Wulf FTSE President VA 2005
Dr Jennifer Wythes FTSE Managing Consultant NSW 1997
Professor Yi-Min Xie FTSE Deputy Head, Research & Innovation VIC 2011
Professor Kuangdi Xu FTSE President INT 2008
Professor Vo-Tong Xuan FTSE President INT 2006
Mr Peter Yates AM FTSE Deputy Chair VIC 2017
Professor Lin Ye FTSE Professor and Head NSW 2005
Dr John Yeaman AM FTSE Professor of Civil Engineering QLD 2003
Professor Yuthavong Yongyuth FTSE Senior Researcher INT 1997
Professor David Young FTSE Professor NSW 1993
Professor Graeme Young AM FTSE VIC 2008
Professor Ian Young AO FTSE VIC 2001
Professor Aibing Yu FAA FTSE Federation Fellow and Scientia Professor VIC 2004
Professor Zhiguo Yuan FTSE Director QLD 2015
Adj/Professor Jimmy Yun FTSE Founding Director & Chief Executive Officer NSW 2014
Mr Gary Zamel FTSE Managing Director NSW 2008
Dr Alex Zelinsky AO FTSE Vice-Chancellor ACT 2002
Professor Dongke Zhang FTSE Winthrop Professor of Chemical Engineering WA 2004
Professor Liangchi Zhang FTSE Scientia Professor & Australian Professorial Fellow NSW 2006
Dr Ya-Qin Zhang FIEEE FTSE President Beijing 2017
Professor Ji Zhou FTSE President 2011
Dr John Zillman AO FAA FTSE VIC 1980
Professor Paul Zimmet AO FTSE Director Emeritus VIC 2005
Dr Paul Zulli FTSE Manager, Iron and Steelmaking Research NSW 2010