Website makeover

Welcome to our fresh, new look

November 12 2018

We’ve got a new website, new colours, new designs and a new logo – welcome to the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering’s new face to the world.

Our aim is to apply technology, engineering and science expertise to solve the big issues facing our nation in a fast-changing world.

So it’s more important than ever that the Academy’s thinking is heard by a wider audience.

Of course, there are no changes to the way our Fellows – all leading experts in their field – provide practical and evidence-based advice.

But now it’s easier to access those views on a website that is clean, visually striking and accessible on any device, from desktop to smart phone.

A lot of thinking has gone into our new logo.

The pyramid design represents the complexity of our Fellowship. But it’s also transparent – we exist to develop robust thinking through open debate.

It also points forward. The Academy is motivated by what’s best for our nation’s future.

The word Applied is derived from the discussions that took place around the establishment of the Academy in the 1970s.

Former Academy President, Sir Arvi Parbo, reflecting on the Academy’s first 30 years, observed that experience “confirms the judgement of the Founding Fathers, that there was a need for an academy of applied sciences and engineering”.

So in adopting the brand name Applied, the Academy is confirming our DNA – our Fellows are people who apply knowledge to achieve practical outcomes and policy.

We hope you enjoy the new site. We welcome feedback at