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Ramesh Mashelkar wins TWAS-Lenovo Prize

December 12 2018

For his seminal research on smart polymer gels, Indian polymer scientist Dr Ramesh Mashelkar won the 2018 Lenovo Science Prize from The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).

Dr Mashelkar’s research has yielded a long list of useful and impactful innovations, particularly in agriculture and medicine, and has had substantive influence shaping India’s science and technology policies.

Now in its sixth year, the TWAS-Lenovo Prize includes an award of $US100,000, and is one of the most prestigious honours given to scientists from the developing world.

“We are enormously happy to congratulate Dr Mashelkar for his accomplishments setting the stage for innovations in polymer science,” said Lenovo Senior Vice-President George He.

“His research has been spectacular and it is indeed our honour to present this year’s TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize to him, and we wish him many fruitful years of discovery and innovation in the future.”

TWAS President Bai Chunli said Dr Mashelkar was one of the most distinguished scientists in his field.

“His work reflects a deeply ingrained spirit of science: that investment in fundamental research can give rise to discoveries in applied science that have a real and powerful impact on people’s lives.”